IPF videos: Hear our stories

Real people open up about their experiences facing IPF

Nick’s IPF story

Listen to Nick share his story, from how he was diagnosed to how he lives his life today.

Ginger’s IPF story

Discover how Ginger spends her days with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) and how she stays positive.

Kenny’s & Megan’s caregiver story

Hear Kenny and Megan recount how Ginger’s diagnosis has affected their family, and what they do to support her now.

Barbara’s caregiver story

Barbara talks about how Nick found out he had IPF, and how she and the rest of their community came together to support him.

IPF Patient David holding a sign stating "I'm facing IPF for my commitments"

David found it difficult at first to accept his IPF diagnosis. Discover how he changed his perspective and now works to support others with IPF.

IPF Patient Alvin holding a sign stating "I'm facing IPF to be my own champion"

IPF ran in Alvin’s family, so the diagnosis wasn’t a surprise to him. Discover what advice he has to share from years of learning about and living with the disease.

IPF Patient Nancy holding a sign stating "I'm facing IPF to be the best I can be"

Nancy has IPF, but her husband also has health problems. Learn how they help support and care for each other.